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left to right. Dr. John Randall (USA), Dr Jillia Bird (Antigua), Dr. Nigel St. Rose (Trinidad and Tobago), Dr. Michele Ming (Guyana).

The Caribbean Association of Optometrists (CARIOA) recently held its Delegates meeting in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. Dr. Michele Ming, President of the Guyana Association of Optometrists (GAO) accepted the position as President of CARIOA for 2013-2014.

Immediate Past President, Dr. Jillia Bird of Antigua was recognized by the World Council of Optometry as the International Optometrist of the Year. The award ceremony is scheduled to be held in Malaga, Spain in April, 2013.

Nigel St. Rose of Trinidad was elected to the executive of the Latin American Association of Optics and Optometry (ALDOO) as the Caribbean representative and one of the three representatives to the Governing Board of the World Council of Optometry (WCO). This is the first time that someone from the English speaking Caribbean has been appointed to the WCO Governing Board.

Dr. John Randall of USA, a senior Optometry lecturer at the University of the West Indies - Trinidad was elected to the executive committee of CARIOA. In October 2012, the Optometry School in Trinidad was moved from the Faculty of Agriculture and Health to the Faculty of Medical Sciences. The programme has been accredited and the first batch of Optometrists will be graduating in Trinidad during 2013. The Optometry programme at the University of Guyana has not yet received accreditation.

The Guyana Association of Optometrists and the Caribbean Association of Optometrists became members of the World Council of Optometry in 2007 and 2009 respectively.


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